How can I set a range of nearby points based on a saved ESTOrientedPoint

I have successfully setup indoor location. Now I need a way to compare ESTOrientedPoint with a previously saved point.
Suppose I have to trigger some event in the app based on phone’s location, that’s what estimote indoor location is for.
But comparing the detected ESTOrientedPoint with a saved one is not much of a solution. Can you provide details on how the values in ESTOrientedPoint are setup while configuring a location? x,y and orientation? To find an exact match of these values is very less probable. How can I set a range of points based on a saved ESTOrientedPoint, so that when device is in the range of the saved point I could trigger some action in app.

Save a ESTOrientedPoint (I can do this.)
Convert it into a range (Need your help)
Compare detected point with the range (Could do.)

Hi there—you could simply introduce a certain delta and see if the (x,y) coordinates of the point are within ± the delta. Consider this pseudo-code:

if actualPoint.x is between (referencePoint.x - delta, referencePoint.x + delta) and /* same for y */ ...

If all you're looking for is to trigger an event when a user approaches a beacon, then our regular beacon SDK might be easier to help achieve that. You'll find it—together with an Examples project—on our GitHub repo:

Hi ! What if the position detected is not precise, its always random. Sometimes its at the other end of hall. Only when I go close to a beacon then it tells me the right position. otherwise its random. And triggering some event in app based on a range (by introducing delta, as you suggest) will help when position detected is with a little variation. But this is too much variation. I am using your example app from inddor sdk. Please suggest.

Our Indoor Location is still pretty young and our engineers are hard at work to improve the positioning accuracy—stay tuned, it'll get better!

Are there any guidelines to obtain best result?

Hi, maybe this article will be helpful for you:

Hi there !

I tried with a bigger area (15mtr * 10mtr). Results are better than before but its still not ok.
I am worried to develop app, it could trigger events randomly, since detected position is still random.
Though it stabilize only when very close to a beacon. Moreover, when there are people/ pillars in hall, it tough to get accuracy.

Problem with placing beacons higher to avoid signal absorption by objects is that detected location is random as phone cannot go close to beacon.

I understand its hard to achieve accuracy when signal is absorbed by objects. Hope you guys do some magic :)


Our best engineers are working on that to achieve better accuracy so hopefully soon we will be able to show you some magic :) Stay tuned!