APP vs. Content

My troubles is about understanding how the content of an app is updated? … if my customer a retailer promotes new offers for different merchandices on a day to day basis - how does this get fed to the app? Right now I only see the option of they need to be in contact with the developer who uddates the app and then users needs to refresh the app.

Hello Pang,

I’m Kirtan Thaker, Co-founder at Whitelotus Corporation Pvt Ltd. We develop mobile apps and have great expertise on beacons. Well for your concern what you need to do is provide a backend ( web portal ) to the app which remains in sync with your mobile app. In this portal you should give an option to create a campaign where the retailer will associate the picture or text of their offers to the beacon’s major and minor. This way that advertise campaign will get associated to that particular beacon only. So no need to contact the developers again and again. Just 2 mins and do it my themselves. I hope this answer will satisfy you.

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Like Kirtan mentioned, the solution is to store the content/offers on an external server/backend, instead of in the app itself. This way, you can change the content on the server, and code the app so that it will always fetch the latest version from that server. There are many ready-made solutions, beacon Content Management Systems basically, so you don’t even need to write the server part yourself. You can read more in the How beacons deliver content to mobile devices? on our Community Portal, list of a few example beacon CMS’es included.