Android SDK with beacons

I tried sample android application with my android phone which has originally kitkat version(4.2).But still it is not gives error when i clicked on application as "unfortunately application stopped".I have 3 beacons with me and i ordered them for my project.but i am really confused as the sample application also not working properly.following are the steps i used
1.downloaded the android sdk-master
2.unzip it and import src/main into the eclipse
3.added estimote-sdk preview jar file and install the apk in my phone

i don't know where did i go wrong.please help me with this ASAP.

Android 4.2 is not supported. Only 4.3 and above.

There is tracking bug to make SDK not crashing on <4.3:

But in the meanwhile you can safely not use Estimote SDK when on Android <4.3.