Android SDK Eclipse

Hello Team, Just introduced to Estimote a week back,
I am trying to use estimote android sdk with my existing android app built on eclipse.
As per the guided process, I used SDK as library project and referred it to my project.
.AAR to library project conversion I am using from below location:

Seems to be SDK used in demosapplication is different than that I am using as per above project because I could see different callback methods for Interface BeaconConnection.ConnectionCallback where right now I am relying on onAuthenticated(BeaconInfo arg) instead of onConnected method which I guess latest(not sure which is latest).

Now coming to an issue: I have estimote sensor with MAC : CD:38:D8:3F:81:17 and able to scan and connect using demosapplication running from android studio. It works like charm.
But same beacon when I am trying to scan and connect using eclipse in my existing custom app.
I am not able to connect although it is coming in scan using ranging listener callbacks but while making connection with beacon getting 403, Forbidden error in onAuthenticationError callback.

Please guide.

PS: I have tried with new App Id and token id as well.

Thanks and regards, Raghav

Hi @Raghav_Sharma

Please do use official SDK from Previous one might be an older version.