Estimote SDK Preview Jar

I have downloaded the Estimote SDK Preview Jar file and added to project. But I am not able to get the packages. Can any one help me to solve the issuse.

Not sure what you mean by “not able to get the packages.” Which IDE do you use? We switched to an AAR file some time ago, are you on the latest version of the SDK?

When am using Beacon class it’s not showing packages to import.

Did you follow the installation instructions? Which IDE do you use? Eclipse? Here’s a guide how to use an AAR file with Eclipse:

If you cannot see packages in your project, library wasn’t correctly imported into it. Demos from official repository works fine for me. Link to the repository: The newest Android SDK is compiled to *.aar file instead of .*jar file. I could easily compile and run demos. You can copy *.aar file here: and then place estimote-sdk.aar file in the libs/ directory inside the project and add dependency to the library in build.gradle file as presented on the code snippet below. It’s valid solution when you’re using Gradle as a build system.

repositories {
    flatDir {
        dirs 'libs'

dependencies {
    compile(name:'estimote-sdk', ext:'aar')

After that, you can rebuild your project.

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