Import Studio Project in Android Eclipse

Hello guys I am very beginner for this Estimote Beacons i just tried to Convert your Android Studio Project into Eclipse IDE but i am getting following error in logcat. Help me where i am wrong.

I just want to create demo app for Estimote Notification.

Logcat Error :
java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com.estimote.sdk.EstimoteSDK

This is the line its indicate :
EstimoteSDK.initialize(this, “YOUR APP ID”, “YOUR APP TOKEN”);

Have you tried actually filling in the information, or just leaving the initialize out? The initializing is only for logging on the estimote cloud page, so it isn’t needed for actual usage of the beacons in the application.

@Bassiuz is correct.

@prabhakaranb5 If you see NoClassDefFoundError, that indicates that library was not added to application.

@Bassiuz while importing demo in Android Studio its never get an error and works fine but while importing to eclipise its seems this error.

@wiktor yes correct wiktor, in very first time i get error in Library File in importing aar file but error not fixed so i just rename it as .jar and then extracted i get classes.jar file with the help of this link .

Or else please suggest how to Import Estimote demo project in Eclipse

Rename “aar” file to "jar"
Extract using WinRar or something that you have.
Extracted directory will have classes.jar.
copy the jar to “libs” in eclipse project

and Done.
Happy Coding.

Out of curiosity, why Eclipse and not Android Studio? The latter is now “the official IDE for Android application development,” so why stick with an IDE that is no longer supported for Android development? As you noticed, it’s much easier to run an Android Studio project than an Eclipse project.