Android onEnteredRegion not getting triggered

I downloaded the Airport sample app described in Android SDK guide. I have carefully followed the following steps:

  1. Changed UUID, Major and Minor version using several techniques (Estimore cloud and iOS app)
  2. Turned off WIFI (Only Bluetooth is ON)
  3. Restarted Device
  4. Also tried new Region(“XZ”, null, null, null) API to scan for all beacons

    Still, the onEnteredRegion callback is not getting triggered. Will appreciate any help or pointers

Hi @Kunal, have you tried invoking enter exit region events with flip to sleep?

@wiktor thanks for the response. Please ignore this ticket.I figured that it was Hardware issue, nothing to do with Estimote SDK. I was testing on a rooted Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 with Cynagen mod. Apparently, BT was on but the onEnteredRegion callback never got triggered. I retested on a phone running Android L and everything works as expected.

@Kunal Thanks for info. Nevertheless we have seen other tickets with similar problems and we will be conducting investigation :sunglasses: