Receive no onExitedRegion event in my app


I test the development of an Android app using your sample code. Now I have the problem, that I never receive an onExitedRegion call. I have an onEnteredRegion call, but just one time. After that never again.

I tried several things:

  • Flipping the beacon (the configuration of the beacon is correct), no reaction
  • Go away with the device and wait for a long time and go back, no reaction
  • Tried with several settings of the beacon, no reaction

If I start the app and the beacon is sending, then I got the call onEnteredRegion. I flipped the beacon (no sending), no onExitedRegion event. Also not after minutes… If I flipped back the beacon (sending again), no event is called.
If I start the app and the beacon is not sending and I flip back (sending) the beacon, I get the onEnteredRegion event. But after this event, never an event again, neither the onEnteredRegion nor the onExitedRegion event.

What could be wrong? Any ideas?

As I said, I try this with your sample app (from the Android tutorial, part 2) with a Samsung device (Android 4.3). I use the newest SDK form Estimote.

Any ideas?

EDIT: I tried it now with the demo app (Notify demo) from Estimote. Same thing… My device is a Samsung Galaxy S3.



How do you define your Region? If you define it with just a UUID, onExited will only trigger if you leave range of all the beacons with that UUID. I figure you probably got that right, but just wanted to double-check before we call it a bug.