Receive only a one-time notification (Android Tutorial on bg monitoring)

Hey guys, I followed the Dev Docs tutorial on background monitoring. I could successfully start the app on my Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini (Android-Version 4.4.2). After entering the defined beacon region, I get the correct notification (onEnteredRegion), but upon exiting the region, either by walking away or flipping the beacon, I get no further notification (I did specify a notification message in the onExitedRegion() function). I also don’t get a notification when entering the region again. It’s like I get only a one-time notification. Does anybody experienced the same problem?

It looks like there’s something going on with the exit events on Samsung Galaxies and Android 4.3-4.4:

Our Android engineers are already looking into that.

Well, thank you for the quick reply. Maybe this one will help you: onExitedRegion() is called after restarting Bluetooth on the phone, for example:
Step 1: Starting the app (beacon is broadcasting) -> onEnteredRegion notification
Step 2: Walking out of range/flip beacon over -> no notification
Step 3: Restart bluetooth (beacon still flipped over, not broadcasting) -> onExitedRegion notification
Step 4: Walking in range/(flip beacon back) -> onEnteredRegion notification

Bluetooth restart only needed to trigger onExitedRegion() function!


Thanks for the added details! We’ll let you know as soon as we figure this out.