Not able to get onExitedRegion callback with estimote location Beacon

Hi Guys,
I have added setMonitoringListener with BeconManger. As soon as I am starting my app it gives onEnteredRegion callback but when I am moving out of the range of beacon it is not providing onExitedRegion callback. This is my second roadblock with Estimote beacon first one was updated position with indoor sdk. So far I am getting feeling that choosing estimote is mistake. Please help and prove me wrong. I would glade to be wrong here.

Hey @ShivNandan ,

I would suggest using our new ProximitySDK for Android, which is build on top of Estimote Monitoring.
It’s still a pre-release version, but it’s already functional. Read more here and go through the tutorial there to setup the beacons in your cloud to work with this solution. You can also download our ready-made app to check how it works.

Kind regards,

sir can you help me out here I am using proximity template and How to use private static EstimoteLocation findNearestBeacon in MainActivity