Android application bug

Hello, we have bought a large amount of estimote beacons. When I try to connect to the stickers with the Android application I keep disconnecting. I have tested several devices. What is the issue?

Can you send us a note to, including:

  • the identifiers of the stickers you tried to connect to
  • what Android devices you tested with and what is the Android OS version


Hi. I have the same problem with my sticker on Android 5.0.1 and 6.0

When I go to Devices->Beacons in range and then i click one to see details I have always the same message “Disconnected. Tap to connect” and I cannot see details as you can see.

Can someone help me?

Go through this guide:

Your problem might be resolved. As i get rid off all my issue by using this guide.

Hey, you can connect sticker by moving them when you try to connect.

press tap to connect and that time another side move your sticker because may be sticker connect if they are in the moving state.

Hope this answer support you thanks