Android Beacon Simulator

Since the new products like Nexus or Samsung support ble peripheral is there any android
sample project that can support a virtual estimote beacon?
I can create on my Nexus 6 a BLE transmitter but I do not know what parameters to use
to generate an Estimote Beacon:

Beacon beacon = new Beacon.Builder()
.setManufacturer(0x015D) // Choose a number of 0x00ff or less as some devices cannot detect beacons with a manufacturer code > 0x00ff
.setDataFields(Arrays.asList(new Long[] {0l}))

Hi @arickatz, at the moment we do not have support for virtual beacons. The reason is that you can get our beacons within days after purchase. Moreover we have superb Flip to Sleep feature for our beacons so it makes development so much easier.

That said, you can find on Play Store couple of apps that provide virtual beacon function.

Thanks, I am currently using your beacons and nearables and plan to upscale
dramatically sticker orders. I found that the code is working just not imitating your
transmitted protocol, so I am good with that as well.