Android 10 cannot detect the beacons

Hi, i tested the app with proximity sdk on android 8 and android 6 phones, both works fine, but when the app is in android 10 (OnePlus 7), the device could not detect the beacons.

It looks like react-native-proximity uses old Proximity SDK that did not support Android 10.
You need to update build.gradle with:

implementation 'com.estimote:proximity-sdk:1.0.5'
implementation 'com.estimote:scanning-plugin:0.25.4'

does this works the same with react native?

You need to change it in react-native-proximity project (directory android) you checked-out from github.

seems to be working now, thanks

Hi, im facing an issue where the app not able to detect the beacons on release mode. It works fine for a while then the app seem to stop connecting with the beacons (no onEnter/onExit). Any advice on this problem?

Where can I get the proximity-sdk-1.0.5.aar so I can upgrade my Xamarin bindings?