Android 10 cannot detect the beacons

Hi, i tested the app with proximity sdk on android 8 and android 6 phones, both works fine, but when the app is in android 10 (OnePlus 7), the device could not detect the beacons.

It looks like react-native-proximity uses old Proximity SDK that did not support Android 10.
You need to update build.gradle with:

implementation 'com.estimote:proximity-sdk:1.0.5'
implementation 'com.estimote:scanning-plugin:0.25.4'

does this works the same with react native?

You need to change it in react-native-proximity project (directory android) you checked-out from github.

seems to be working now, thanks

Hi, im facing an issue where the app not able to detect the beacons on release mode. It works fine for a while then the app seem to stop connecting with the beacons (no onEnter/onExit). Any advice on this problem?

Where can I get the proximity-sdk-1.0.5.aar so I can upgrade my Xamarin bindings?

You only have to edit the code in the build.gradle file in react-native-proximity project (directory android ) you checked-out from github to that: implementation ‘com.estimote:proximity-sdk:1.0.5’

Hello @sdaily,
I am looking to achieve the same thing (update the Xamarin Binding).
I have found the aar files here:
But I didn’t manage to update the binding successfully (not sure why right now).
Did you had any success?

I have opened the issue here:
See you,


I’m sorry to say that we have had no luck in this regard. We’ve actually changed our apps to use another technology as we’ve determined that Estimote has not been reliable. It has been hit or miss with blue tooth issues and now not working on Android 10.0 via Xamarin has just cost us more time dealing with it than we have to spend.

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Hello @sdaily I need help. It was frustrating trying to connect Estimote stones with my Xamarin App. I would like to hearing from you about how you cope with your project.

Hi, I am having troubles scanning for proximity devices , I am using Xamarin Nuget this the error in Android 10.

java.lang.IllegalStateException: Unable to start scanner on this Android version (29)

Please update the Nuget package to support Android 10 .


Hi , very Disappointed with Estimote’s luck of support to its customers (us) , how can we support (buy) your products if you don’t support it ?

@pober , I have send Email/Tweet/GitHub, regarding this issued and no response from Estimote.

Android 10 its a new version and playing awsome