React-native-proximity does not work on some android devices

I’m new to estimote , I recently received my starter-kit.
I use react-native-proximity in order to use the estimote beacons.

for some reason iOS always works but I tried on two different Android devices an only on one of them the app actully trigger the zone.onEnter method.

I tried to look on the settings of the phones and tried to reinstall and clear the cache but still it’s no use.
it worked on Galaxy J5 Pro but did’t work on Pixel3 .

did anyone encounter similar issue?
am I missing something?


I checked it on 2 more phones,
it works on Galaxy S10+ but not on Google pixel 4

My guess is that there must be another configuration that I’m missing in order to get it to work on those pixel devices…

an answer will be appreciated greatly.