Airport app on Nexus 6P running Android M

I am trying to run the sample Estimote Airport app on Nexus 6P device. After reading another post, I enabled Location services. Still I can’t see the notification getting triggered. Are there known issues on M on Nexus 6p device.


after reading some more posts, I added the following two permissions:
Ensured that Location permissions are enabled in Settings. Still no luck!

On Android 6.0, you also need to request the location permission at runtime. Try out our Notification template, available on Estimote Cloud:

There’s code in there that requests the permission.

Also, later today we’ll release a new version of our SDK, 0.9.4, with a bunch of helper methods to make sure all the necessary requirements are met to detect beacons. (It’s a very complex picture, with different things required, depending on whether the app was built against Android SDK 23 or earlier, is running on Android 6.0 or earlier, needs to detect beacons in the background, etc. So we’re simplifying all that by abstracting it away in the SDK.)

We’ll also update our tutorials today or next week. But for now, the templates in the cloud should have you covered!

Yup, the template works just fine!

Just released 0.9.4, feel free to take a look:

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Tried running on 6P, works well! Thanks for posting.

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Do you already know when you are going to update the tutorial?

I tried to get the app running with the 0.9.4. but had no luck so far. I put the two permission into the manifest, but still get “Need ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION or ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION permission to get scan results”.

While we’re working to update the tutorial, check out the ProximityContent / Notification templates on These were already updated to use the new APIs introduced in 0.9.4, to request necessary permissions.

@Atnaja Tutorial has been updated :slight_smile:

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