Advice to purchase the right beacon

Hey guys, first time mucking round with this hardware so just after basic advice to purchase the right type of beacons.

My main requirements are:

  1. I’d like a welcome message to be displayed as soon as a visitor nears the premises.
  2. I’d like to be able to locate people within the indoor area of the premises which is about 10m by 7m across two levels.
  3. I’m also interested to know whether the ambient light sensor measurement can be extended to the internet of things i.e. to effect installed connected lights.

You can refer Location Beacon will fit for your requirement @activate

Yup, if you want to try Indoor Location, and are interested in exploring ambient light + GPIO options, Location Beacons are the way to go! For Indoor Location, you’ll probably need at least two packs, since a 10 x 7 room will likely require 4–6 beacons.