Testing Locally

Hey! I'm new to XCode and iBeacon development and so far there's only one thing I'm getting hung up on.

Is it possible to test (or simulate) iBeacons while developing the app in XCode or do you have to build and test it on the actual device?

I haven't signed up for the Apple iOS Developer program yet so I can't transfer my apps to outside of the simulator.

Thanks in advance!

Hi Daniel,

If you have an iPhone, you can make it work as a virtual beacon. In order to do it, go to Beacons section in our app and choose Virtual Beacon (bottom right). You will be able to change most of its settings.

Let me know if it suits your needs.


Thanks for the update but what I'm looking to do is much different.

I'm testing my app in XC and I can only view it within the iOS Simulator. Without transferring the app to an actual device is it possible to simulate the iBeacons?


I'm afraid there's no way to do that in the simulator - Apple removed Bluetooth support from the simulator in iOS 7.

So all simulations must be on an actual device is what you are saying?