Accessing Sticker information (Movement) via MAC and RaspberryPi

I’m facing an issue, Bluetooth has not enough for my needs.
Plus, when the iPhone screen is closed, the nearable trigger, does not always trigger straight away.

So I thought about two possible options:

  1. Have a Bluetooth to wifi converter, and that way extend the distance.
  2. Have a device that listens to Bluetooth full time, and on special events, fires a push notification to wake up device.

For the POC I would like to do this with a mac, and after that, I’ll write it for Raspberry Pi.
Is there a Sticker SDK for mac? And if not, how can I access the nearable package via core Bluetooth on mac?
And the same question for Raspberry Pi.


You may want to try this Node.js library, it runs on RPi/Macs, and supports parsing the Nearable packet: