Can RaspberryPi Hub be used for locating nearables since phones are costlier?

Hi, I am able to detect the nearable packet using the library (nodejs).
I will find my location inside a building using indoor sdk on an iPhone . Now i have my x,y co-ordinates captured from beacons placed on walls and indoor sdk(indoor navigation).
I will run the nodejs code on a raspberryPi and detect all the nearable packets .Place the RasPi permanently at the same location where i have captured x,y position using indoor sdk using iPhone(one time process).
So now i have
1. A raspberryPi capturing all nearable packets
2. The same raspberry Pi location is knows beacuse i detected the same using an iPhone indoor sdk and placed it permanently at that point. Such many raspberryPi i will place at different parts of the building .
What i want:
I wanted to upload the data of my RasPi (x,y) and nearables data to estimote cloud so that estimote cloud can provide location of all the nearables to any iPhone indoor app even if the phone not near the stickers . So such rasPi hubs transmitting nearable data to cloud and then any app connecting to cloud will have all objects position.

So does current cloud API supports such a scenario?

Sadly, no such support in the Cloud API at this point, you’d need to upload this data to your own backend.

BTW, why statically-placed RaspPi devices instead of using the fact that there are people most likely walking through the space all the time, and if they have Indoor Location app installed, they can act as “free” scanners?

Is the nearable locating feature can be implemented in my own application using indoor sdk instead of using default indoor application from estimote ?

Sadly, the Indoor + Nearables feature is not yet available in the Indoor SDK. What app do you want to build?

wanted to track all the nearables from a mobile device or a computer. But these nearables will be anywhere in a huge space. having phones tracking every place might be last option.

Yes you can I have done it. I have set up Raspberry Pi’s and was able to trilateral the Beacons but due to the inconsistency in the RSSI and the upward curve at < 10 meters I ended up scrapping the project. But I can help you if you would like, my code is in node.js and .net I have made a website that tracks movement of beacons and displays them on a map on the website. If you don’t mind Raspberry Pi’s every 10 meters it works great.

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