Access Estimote Beacons from Windows Phone 8


We have recently got estimote and checking if accessing the beacons from Windows Phone 8 is possible or not?

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Hi Amit,

Right now we are supporting iOS and Android SDK for Windows 8 is also in future plans but not any time soon.

Thus you can connect with beacon using our Estimote Virtual Beacon app for iOS: and for Android:

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what do you suggest to use it with phone 8? i think your sdk is a wrapper for your communication protocol. if there is reference documents i can implement it for phone 8.

Hi Ufuk,

Well yes, Estimote SDK is a wrapper around Apple's CoreLocation framework. It is dedicated for iOS 7 as it's based on newly introduced CoreLocation framework functionality called iBeacon.

You can use Apple's CoreLocation Framework to discover beacons, but if you'd like to manage Estimote beacons to set major, minor, distance, etc. you must use our SDK.

Our SDK consists of 3 classes: ESTBeaconManager, ESTBeaconRegion and ESTBeacon. Each of them is an equivalent of CoreLocation classes (CLLocationManager, CLBeaconRegion, CLBeacon) created in particular for Estimate Beacons Platform.

If you want to learn more please visit our repositories on GitHub: