1 app, 30 locations, 80 iBeacons possible?

We rent out apartments and want to inform our renters about maintenance etc. using ibeacons. Our aim is to use 1 app for all our renters spread over 30 locations apartment buildings with 2-3 iBeacons per location (most of our buildings have several entrances). The message the ibeacons transmit must be customized per ibeacon by the custodian of that building, independant of other buildings/custodians. Is this possible? Does anyone have ibeacon/app experience in a similar situation?

Hi Dennis, I can help you. Not sure about the policy of dropping my email on this forum, but shoot me an e-mail at dkhatkar [at] gmail.com

Thanks for replying! We're happy to see people helping each other.

Let me reply from our side.

First of all, your use case is probable, and also interesting.
I can imagine you telling your renters to download the app while booking a place to stay. When already having their app on the phone they could get specific context based notifications linked to each Beacon.

To customize the message, you can either hard-code all of them in the app or have a Cloud, that would store this information and also make editing simpler.
We're working on such a solution now, feel free to reach out to me and I'll be able to share more details.

Nice project, keep us in the loop!

Hi Dennis,

I would also be able to help you out with your project. We have a turn-key, mobile app platform that would allow you to easily manage large quantities of iBeacons. Feel free to reach out to me at cvalle [at] phunware.com and we can setup some time to discuss.



We want to do something similar. Only we want to install the ibeacon in several shopping malls at each shop entrance and various shops around the city. We want to develop a single application that will notify customers of any shop's specials. Is there a way to do this with a single application?

Absolutely Gerhard. I would be more than happy to help you with your project. You can email me at cvalle [at] phunware.com


Yes, of course it's possible. One app could detect limitless beacons, no matter what their location is.

You can check some projects in our Showcase catalogue. For example the app for 'Road trips & other diversions' is used in different galleries: