Xamarin vs New Estimote monitoring

Anyone has an idea how to get the iOS code below to work under Xamarin.Estimote.iOS? Xamarin SDK exposes the ESTNearableManager.StartMonitoringForIdentifier but I can’t get the ESTMonitoringManager.

CODE (from http://blog.estimote.com/post/149409589655/estimote-monitoring-more-reliable-notifications):
let monitoringManager = ESTMonitoringManager()
monitoringManager.delegate = self
monitoringManager.startMonitoringForIdentifier(“BEACON-CLOUD-IDENTIFIER”, inProximity: .Near)


Sylvain Audet

I don’t think the Xamarin plugin exposes our new API for Estimote Monitoring yet. If you feel up to the task, the plugin is open-source, so you could try adding the appropriate bridging yourself:

Thank you Piotr, I’ll check this out as it may quickly become high-level for us.