Wrong date/time for next heartbeat in Estimote app configuration section

In the Estimote app which I downloaded from Google Play the date/time mentioned in the Cloud Heartbeat is incorrect. If I force the heartbeat to occur by pressing the main button and the side button simultaneously for 10 seconds the date/time changes when I refresh the app but not to a correct value. I see these details in the Configuration section in the app.

I forced a heartbeat on both my LTE beacons this morning. When I look at the could heartbeat field in the Beacon Details in the Estimote app (configuration) it mentions “1 d” which is correct. If I then look at the details of the field it mentions the Current Sync Frequency: 1d (correct) and the next scheduled sync of “09:27 28-01-2019” (incorrect).

My other beacon has a sync frequency of 12h and mentions “09:30 28-01-2019” for the next scheduled sync. I synced both beacons within two minutes.
The month isn’t correct (always 1?). And isn’t this the date/time of the last sync instead of the next sync? If I go to Web IDE and connect to the beacons there the fields are correct.

Am I the only one that has this problem in the Estimote app?


So just to make sure, you’re only seeing the wrong heartbeat/next sync times in the Estimote Android app? In Estimote Cloud the times are correct? If yes, then yeah, looks like a bug in the Estimote Android app.

Hi Piotr,

that is correct. The Estimote Android app mentions the wrong date/time for the next heartbeat and the Estimote Cloud IDE mentions the correct times for next and last heartbeat.


I see that this has been fixed in the last version of the Android app.


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