Android App and

I have been trying to update the properties of my beacons using the Android app. However, these changes do not appear to get propagated to the dashboard. The Android app seems to see the updated values on subsequent reads but things like the beacon names and colors are not showing up correctly.

Is this a known issue?

Hi Tom,

Android app is not yet compatible with our Cloud, so you can't change any values through it. We are working on the app to be as advanced as the one for iOS, but unfortunately, there is no ETA for this yet.

Thanks for the update! Does this mean that the values are actually getting changed on the beacons via the Android app and just not being shown on the cloud dashboard? Or, is it impossible to change any properties of the beacons through the Android app?

Hi Tom,

Yes, the values are being changed in a beacon, but that information doesn't go to the Cloud, so it's not aware of the change.