I’ve ran into an error code returned from a write…:completion: API call that’s not defined in the ESTBeacon.h. I’m getting a 403 code (Domain=com.estimote Code=403 "Unable to connect to Estimote Cloud. Please try again later." UserInfo=0x17826dc80 {NSLocalizedDescription=Unable to connect to Estimote Cloud. Please try again later.}). Which is funny, I’m able to access the Estimote Cloud from device and network it’s on (via a PC). Knowing that 403 HTTP response code is “Forbidden”, I went looking at my values in Estimote Cloud. I’m trying to set major/minor on a second beacon to values already present in Estimote Cloud for another Beacon.

This begs the question, what (if any) other error codes will ESTBeacon write…:completion: API calls return? Should we consider HTTP response codes?

Hey Eric—does this problem still persist? It might have been a temporary hiccup with the Estimote Cloud API.

Have not had a chance to engineer on this in a while. I'll comment again on this topic if/when it happens.