Will the Indoor-Location-SDK be available for Android?

I just saw the release of iOS-Indoor-SDK, which is really promising, and this is exactly what I am trying to do now in my main project. But my project will only target at Android devices which have Bluetooth 4.0, so will the indoor sdk be available for Android soon? Or can the current Estimote Android SDK do the similar thing as the iOS-Indoor-SDK does?

Hi Shenshen,

Android Indoor SDK is definitely on our roadmap but we don;t have any specific date for that.


I too need indoor location SDK for my Android Project.
Please keep us updated.

Hi Witek, many thanks for your response.

Is there a very rough date for the availability of the Android Indoor SDK? Say later 2014 or early 2015 or late 2015 or even 2016?


There's no ETA available yet: we first want to polish the iOS version. 2015 is much more likely than 2016, though :)



Is there any news regarding the ETA for Android Indoor SDK?

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Hi Tomasz,

Not yet: we will be working a lot on the Android SDK later this year, but we cannot promise any dates just yet. Indoor SDK is especially tricky in terms of porting to Android, because the algorithms it relies on are optimized for iPhone hardware. Android market is much more fragmented, and thus requires optimizing for hundreds of different devices, instead of a couple of them, which is the case with iOS. That's why building Indoor SDK for Android is a long and difficult process, but rest assured we're up to the challenge :)


4 months have passed; any updates on Indoor SDK for Android?

Would be super useful to have a date :smile:


Unfortunately, we still can’t promise any specific dates or timelines ):

What do you want to build with the Indoor SDK?

Hi all,

any news about indoor SDK for Android ?

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Thanks for the inquiry! No news still though.

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Hello. Any update on this? On October 2014 Wojtekb said it would most likely be available sometime in 2015 as opposed to 2016. Now two going on three months into 2016 and still no update.

I have a project coming up that requires indoor location on both iOS and Android devices and would like to know if I am going to have to do a staggered release of this feature and if so, how long my customers are likely to have to wait.

We’ve learned our lesson throwing out dates we can’t keep, so sadly, my only response at this time can still be: “no ETA”. Sorry about that!

Coming on another year … still no updates on Android Indoor Location SDK?

I understand it’s “easier” to make the iOS version of the SDK, however the market share of Android (even looking only at Samsung devices) well exceeds all iOS.