Why my Android-Smartphone find Beacons named "EST"?

I have three Beacons named “blue-beacon”,“ice-beacon” and “mint-beacon”.
Why my Android smartphone find Beacons named “EST”?
(There are not any “EST” in the configuration settings. See the attached screenshots)
Thank you very much for the answer.

Hi @Tatjana,

it seems that your phone is not showing you the beacon’s name but the manufacturer’s data.

Can you try scanning your beacons with the Estimote app’? It should show you the names.

Thank you, Ximun!
Yes, the Estimote application find the devices correctly.
Do you know if it is a problem only of the used Samsung Galaxy S3 Neo or of all Android smartphones?

The phones usually don’t show the BLE devices. The yours does, but shows the manufacturer’s name.

For example, my phone does not show me the BLE devices (so I can’t see the Estimote beacons just by opening the Bluetooth service) but only the “standard” Bluetooth devices like loudspeakers.