Which Unity plugin works best with Estimote Beacons?


I’m working on the Unity application which should “understand” when the user is close to a certain area in the office with the help of Estimote beacons. I would be very grateful for the advice, which Unity SDK/plugin/package would you recommend me using in this case.

As I can see, there are 2 options available:
Estimote Unity - https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/tools/integration/estimote-unity-79776
IBeacon - https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/tools/integration/ibeacon-15260

Which one works better with Estimote proximity beacons in your opinion?
Would you recommend any other solution on how to integrate Estimote beacons with Unity app?

Thank you very much in advance!

“Estimote Unity” integrates Estimote SDK, which means it might support a few more Estimote-specific features such as fetching data from Estimote Cloud. However, this is an older SDK, and most of the features in that SDK are now deprecated. Beacon detection features in that SDK are based on iBeacon/Eddystone. Last update to “Estimote Unity” was in March 2018.

“iBeacon”, looks like it supports “pure” iBeacon/Eddystone detection. So all in all, the effect should be similar to the Estimote SDK, except since most of the Estimote SDK is deprecated, the “iBeacon” plugin might be a safer option. Last update here was in October 2018.

None of these plugins use our recommended “Estimote Proximity SDK”, which is based on Estimote Monitoring instead of iBeacon/Eddystone. But AFAIK there’s no Unity plugin based on the Estimote Proximity SDK.

If you go with one of these plugins, remember to re-configure your Proximity Beacons from Estimote Monitoring to iBeacon. You can do that with the Estimote iOS/Android app.