Estimote SDK integration with Unity!!!

Has anyone been able to or know of an example, of a Unity asset that fully integrates with the Estimote SDK? There are a few iBeacon assets and one from AWE that has some integration but doesn’t included ranges or Estimote Monitoring.

I’m working on a beacon based puzzle hunt and we’re currently testing the AWE Estimote trial asset. This asset uses the Estimote SDK and give us a distance which we’re using to calculate a range (immediate, near, far) but the distance we’re getting back is wildly inaccurate. So debugging is lots of fun…

If anyone has advice on utilising the SDK within Unity I’d love to hear how you dealt with the varying signal strength…

Thanks in advance.

No, there is none.

I am currently just working on an iOS Plugin for the Proximity SDK, not for android though. Doing your own takes time, but I think it is the way to go, as you will also lose a lot of time with all these assets which are often not well maintained or out of date.