Where can I get the gecko adhesive?


I am trying to find out where I can purchase or how I can make the gecko adhesive that is used on the back of the estimote developer beacons.

The adhesive part of one of my beacons was removed by my daughter (she is 2 and some how ripped it off) and I would really like to replace the adhesive somehow.

Thank you.

Alfred G.

Hi Alfred,

You have very strong daughter :) Unfortunately this gecko part is manufactured only for us. The best solution to make your beacon adhesive again is to use 3M tape.


Hello Witek,

Thank you for your answer and yes she is very strong. By any chance could you give me the contact information for the manufacturer to see if I can at least contact them to get a similar adhesive?

Thank you,

Alfred G.


Please write to me: witek[at]estimote.com and we'll work it out.


Hi @Witek, could you please take a little look at My Location Beacons are falling … I am facing something similar to this one.