Replacing enclosures - no gecko?

I am in the process of replacing enclosures for my beacons, and it looks like I was shipped the enclosures (great) the 3M adhesive (very thin) you’ve been shipping lately (also great), but I didn’t get any gecko.

If I try to put what I think is the 3M adhesive where the gecko should go, it doesn’t cover the hole properly and also attempts to adhere to the PCB which I’m guessing is not a good thing.

Any suggestions?

The 3M adhesive we’re sending with the replacement enclosures should match perfectly. Can you send a photo of your tape + the new enclosures? If we spot anything wrong, we’ll send you another replacement pack.

We switched from shipping the replacement enclosures with no back + gecko (that you needed to glue in yourself) to the new kinds of replacement enclosures (where you can just put the PCB in via the Y-shaped opening) + the tape. We think that’s a better combo, but we’d love to hear your thoughts/feedback (:

Ok I will try to send you a picture today. I can describe a little more what I saw the other day:

At first I tried just placing the PCB into the opening of the enclosure. They fit easily enough. I placed the tape over the opening and yeah, it fit pretty well. However since the entire side of the tape sticks - which is great when trying to put it on the enclosure - it also stuck to the PCB! I was very concerned this would harm the board and possible harm its ability to transfer to another enclosure in the future.

So I realized that I could actually push the PCB way into the enclosure which MAY move it enough away from the Tape. However I think in the process of doing this the width of the enclosure opening got bigger which caused the tape to not line up correctly. Hence my original message.

So what is the best practice here? Is having the tape stick to the PCB acceptable? Should the board just be gently placed into the enclosure? (Also keep in mind the gecko doesn’t seem to have this problem since it had some sort of non sticky separator between the board and the actual gecko.

I’ll try to send some pictures later if I can - it may not be till tomorrow your time (I am on eastern time in the US and not sure when I can get to the enclosures today)

Piotr - looks like your replacements have changed again - I have ones with open backs, but someone on Twitter just posted a picture of ones that have a mostly closed back with slots to slide the PCB into. Talking to Wojtek on Twitter about getting a set of those instead. Will keep you posted.

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OK, talked with Wojtek - new enclosures with the fancy openings are on their way soon. As I told him, thank you guys for the continued and GREAT customer service!

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