When do you support Windows Phone SDK?

There is not SDK for Windows phone.
Let me know about it.



There is no plan for Windows Phone SDK in the nearest future, because most of Windows devices are not compatible with Bluetooth Smart and the beacon technology. We will reconsider it when that situation changes.

I've been able to scan/read beacons using windows phone 8.1 using a Nokia 1520, so I'm curious, what is missing that restricts development of the SDK?

Hi Thomas,

It's probably one of a few devices compatible with the tech that you're using. But I'm afraid that's not enough to build the SDK for WP. What do you mean by read beacons? Were you able to connect to them?

Yes, I can connect and read data such as the proximity info.

Oh, yes, that's right. But your connection can only last up to 10 seconds and you can't change anything. Am I correct?

Hi Ula,
Windows phone 8.1 version supports BT Smart, I'm pretty sure. I do use some external device to connect with my phone and it works like a charm.
Thus, waiting for WP SDK from you guys.