What is NFC and how do I use it?

Proximity and Location Beacons come with a built-in NFC tag. NFC enables apps to trigger beacon events not only on proximity, but also on the very explicit gesture of touching a beacon. Now collecting a stamp, confirming a payment or checking in has one more option: tapping a beacon.

Here's what NFC brings:

1. Tap to connect

Identifying and configuring a beacon is now possible just by touching it with a mobile device. Estimote Android app already supports it: just tap the beacon and Estimote app will automatically open and connect to it.

2. App integration

NFC is fully programmable. It is easy to integrate action-based-on-touch feature into your own app. The options are various:
  • opening the app
  • opening specific activity in the app
  • directing to the app's page in Google Play Store if it's not installed
Follow our tutorial on Developer Portal to learn how to do it.