What background modes do beacons need for iOS?

What "Background modes" do actually need to be selected in the Xcode project "Capabilities" section.

In Estimote demo app there's:
- Audio and AirPlay
- External accessory communication
- Uses Bluetooth LE accessories
- Acts as a Bluetooth LE accessory

In some online tutorials I also noticed people recommending "Location updates" as well.

Truth be told—none of them (:

Beacon region monitoring works perfectly fine with no background modes enabled, even in the background. The only thing needed is:

In fact, having background modes enabled while not utilizing them in your app might lead to Apple rejecting your app during review. Unless your app actually uses non-beacon location updates in the background, we advise against enabling the location background mode. Same for the other ones.

We should definitely update our demo apps to reflect that, thanks for pointing it out!

Just to add onto Piotr's reply: (I found this whilst googling for a similar answer)

I recently submitted an App and it got rejected for including the 'Location Updates' as a background mode, even after going through the resolution centre.

I also had the app rejected, which was the reason that I asked this question. In iOS8 everything works fine without background modes, just as Piotr explained.