Estimate IOS - Background Notification and Service Call

I am able to send notifications to users using the sample code provided.

Inside AppDelegate ESTBeaconManagerDelegate method,

*- (void)beaconManager:(id)manager rangingBeaconsDidFailForRegion:(CLBeaconRegion * _Nullable)region withError:(NSError )error{


I am calling a web service intimating the presence of user to server.

  1. Does this need Background Mode - ON?

  2. Also, if I am using requestAlwaysAuthorization, whether app store will reject my app?

iBeacon/Core Location doesn’t require the Background Mode, the “always authorization” is enough.

I can’t say for sure about the app review, but I’ve never seen an app rejected for using the “always authorization”. It’s something the user has to agree to, so Apple doesn’t need to act as the gatekeeper/guardian here, like they do with the Background Modes.

Thanks for your update . . . :relaxed: