I’m new to RTLS and was wondering if the Estimore UWB+BLE, placed as anchors, would be capable of pairing with BLE mobile devices (iOS/Android) through our mobile app that our customers have installed.
We’re hoping to develop a dashboard to track our customer routes (analytics) as they navigate through our store and would like to minimize the amount of hardware necessary.

Your assistance is much appreciated.

Thank you,


For iOS/Android, our Indoor Location system uses Bluetooth only, since UWB is not available in smartphones. There’s no need for any Bluetooth pairing—our SDKs will automatically pick up the beacon signals when in range, and start doing the math to calculate the position.

You might also want to take a look at our Proximity technology. Here’s a blog post my colleague and I wrote a while ago about how the two compare to each other, upsides/downsides for both, etc.

We have the tech to do UWB-based indoor positioning, but that’s between Estimote Beacons only. Deploy some beacons to act as anchors, and some beacons on, e.g., assets whose position you want to track. I guess it would be possible to have some kind of wearable beacon with UWB, and this way you could position people too.

In any case, our UWB tech is currently only available via our PoC-Pilot-Scale program. You can read about it on https://estimote.com/products/, scroll down to the “Prototype, test and deploy with us” (gosh darn there’s no direct link/anchor for me to use!) If you’re interested/want to talk about it in more detail, just email our team at contact@estimote.com.

Hey @heypiotr, there are broken images on that blog page that you linked to.