UWB Beacons, Android 13 samsung S23+

I got UWB Beacons and an samsung S23+ ( android 13).
First of all, is SDK compatible with this android 13 ?
We build a small app.
We have been able to :

  • scan device
  • select on device
  • connect to this device

but at the end, we don’t have any UWB ranging result, only a “ressource failed to call close” warrning message in logs.

Does anyone have been able to make those beacons work on android ?

There is a known issue that UWB ranging stopped working on Android 14. Android Team has changed UWB channel from 5 to 9 on Android 14 and our UWB beacons were configured for channel 5.

You can read more here: Google Issue Tracker

On Android 13 it should work as expected, but Android 14 support requires firmware update for our beacons and this is something we are still working on.

Android 14 issue was resolved - please see this thread: New firmware for Android 14 and Estimote UWB Beacons