UWB Beacons, Android 13 samsung S23+

I got UWB Beacons and an samsung S23+ ( android 13).
First of all, is SDK compatible with this android 13 ?
We build a small app.
We have been able to :

  • scan device
  • select on device
  • connect to this device

but at the end, we don’t have any UWB ranging result, only a “ressource failed to call close” warrning message in logs.

Does anyone have been able to make those beacons work on android ?

There is a known issue that UWB ranging stopped working on Android 14. Android Team has changed UWB channel from 5 to 9 on Android 14 and our UWB beacons were configured for channel 5.

You can read more here: Google Issue Tracker

On Android 13 it should work as expected, but Android 14 support requires firmware update for our beacons and this is something we are still working on.