User language meet beacon alert text


My intention is to start a discussion about how to show beacon alerts in the language of users mobiles.
I’m exploring the eddystone protocol and thinking how to show relevant info, case of users travelling that speak a different language, naturaly they will look first for info in their native language…
How could we address a solution to present the same beacon alert in different languages?

Beacons themselves don’t transmit any messages, just their identifier.

It’s the app on the phone that takes the identifier, and possibly some other data, and figures out what to do—e.g., show a message.

With that in mind, nothing prevents you from coding your app so that it takes the beacon identifier, figures out it’s a beacon at the entrance, and thus needs to display a welcome message, then takes the iOS/Android language the phone is set to, and show the message in that same language.

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