Use case for beacons only at key intersections?


Still completely new to estimote and beacons. I’m trying to propose a POC app for a large school – about the size of a shopping mall. I recently read the blog post on “indoor light” mode (see:

I am not clear why there is so much talk about indoor location mapping. Is there something about the platform that requires a complete perimeter map? I assume that without a detailed indoor map you cannot offer navigation paths.

I am wondering if you can still build a useful “proximity” app by placing fewer beacons at key intersections. But perhaps the app can just highlight nearby locations and send “promotions”?

I appreciate any comments

Hi Michael,

I have already created the MVP application that demonstrate the power of beacons (Proximity & stickers ) say we might have some products and attach the stickers to them, so when user walk by the beacons, they push a message to the visitors mobile device. When a visitor picks up an item with a sticker, it will push a message to the mobile device.

Let’s discuss it in details.

Looking forward to connecting soon.

Gaurav Goyal

@Gaurav_Goyal, I sent you a pm about this. m

@Gaurav_Goyal I would be interested in your discussion if I may ask for your opinion on Intersections or indoor thank you