[Updated 21 Nov 2018] Looking for Devs: Code of Conduct

Please read before posting in the Looking for Devs section!

This is a section where we aim to connect developers, agencies, and software houses experienced in beacon technology with businesses that want to build beacon-based solutions.

It’s super important to keep things in order, so please follow these few simple rules:

  1. Any “you can hire me/us to help you build your app” posts are strictly restricted to this section.

    This forum is generally about the community members and Estimoters voluntarily helping each other, so please respect that.

  2. Use self-explanatory thread subjects.

    • good: Need help building an iOS shopping app on a 2-month deadline
    • good: [For Hire] Android dev experienced with building event apps
    • bad: Looking for a dev
    • bad: Our software-house
  3. Topics will auto-close after 30 days.

    Why? Replies to months-old “looking for devs” threads are generally frowned upon—the intention is rarely to actually help the Original Poster (by that time, they’re very unlikely to still be looking for help), and usually to advertise one’s services.

  4. Bumping and re-posting is generally discouraged.

    Most of the time, we feel such posts are pretty spammy in nature, and used as de-facto ads.

    Exception: if your bump/re-post is a meaningful update, for example:

    • Looking for devs: “I’m still looking, we could negotiate cutting the scope a bit if the deadline seems harsh, let me know!”

    • For hire: “I’m/we’re still available if anyone needs help, since my last post we’ve built N more apps and we’re up-to-date with the latest APIs and SDKs from Estimote”

Below you’ll find templates that you can use to post offers. It’s not mandatory to use them, but please remember to include all the necessary information in your post.

“Looking for devs” template

  • Project details: introduce yourself and share as much as you can about the project you’re building.
  • Scope: what skillset is required? Frontend, backend, Android, iOS, UX, APIs, etc.
  • Region: if you’re only looking for someone in a given country/region/someone, specify that. Do you accept remote work?
  • Timeline: what is the project’s deadline? By what date should developers contact you?
  • Budget: always disclose whether it’s a for-profit project.
  • Contact details: email, phone number, website links, other ways to contact you.

“For hire” template

  • Bio: intorudce yourself, say who you are.
  • Skillset: what are you good at? What platforms and APIs are your specialty?
  • Experience: share your work samples.
  • Region: where are you from? Are you available for remote work?
  • Contact details: email, phone number, website links, GitHub repos, LinkedIn profile, and other ways to contact you.
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