BeaconManager(sdk API):setForegroundScanPeriod

Hi, guys,

I would like to ask whether the function setForegroundScanPeriod really works or not? If yes, what's the limitation of the parameters in the parameter list for longtype scanPeriodMillis and longtype waitTimeMillis? P.S: Default values: scanPeriod=1s, waitTime=0s

Thank you so much!

Hey there--yes, it works! (:

Note that foreground settings are for ranging, while background settings are for monitoring.

I don't think our SDK enforces any limitations here, but it's a good idea to stick to some practical values. E.g. while you could set the background scanning to "every single second" (i.e. period = 1s, waitTime = 0s, just like with the foreground scan by default), that'll impact the device's battery life and CPU utilization, so some common sense is advised (:

Scan period values less than 1 second can also probably impact beacon detection stability. Estimote beacons advertise every 950 ms by default, so if you set the scan window to something lower, some of the scans won't actually detect the beacon.

Hope this is helpful!