Update beacon data in the cloud: when and how

I have integrated the new 3.0 SDK in a Tour Guide project.
My question is how and when the cloud is updated when beacon changes are made (using the API).
I have upgraded the firmware of three beacons, but the results are not seen on the Cloud interface.

The main reason for this is that I want to feedback the battery status to the cloud. My backend requests my beacon status occasionally and checks on battery life and estimated days left. I would like to use the users of the App, if they have an internet connection, to prom the beacons occasionally.

Also, is there smoking of a timestamp when a beacon was last synchronised? In this way I could check if an active beacon for some reason is not responding anymore.

[Edit:] to clarify, I don’t use the SDK for region monitoring, I only use ESTBeaconConnection to leave the rest of the case as vendor independent as possible.

Great catch! Usually, the Cloud is updated every time you change beacon’s settings, and also every time you simply connect to the beacon. However, we had a bug in 3.0.0 that prevented the latter. It’s fixed in 3.0.1! :smiley:

Thanks, that is great.
One question. Currently I am using the normal Core functions apart from connecting to Estimote beacons to change settings. However, would there be an disadvantage to use the Estimote API for everything? Some locations might choose to use other iBeacons, so will that influence the overall user experience?

Are there any direct advantages of using the SDK to scan? E.g will it update the battery life of the beacons? I am currently pulling the battery levels from the cloud, so if that would automatically update the settings then I don’t have to manual connect occasionally to do this.

I also have to look at Android, and it means I can use the SDK there too.

A bit of an open question, but I am just looking for a bit on tactical advice before I recode my whole Location Controller.