Battery percentage with Estimote Cloud API


I am using Beacon Health Check and estimote-telemetry packet to check my beacon’s battery life time. But the battery percentage that I got from is bigger than 100, and didn’t have estimated_battery_lifetime in the response body.
like this.
“status_report”: {
“battery_percentage”: 5460,
“battery_voltage”: 6126,
What is the value mean?

Hi @thebluewings,

are you using Android SDK or iOS SDK?
I used once the Android SDK with the Cloud to fetch some data from the web, and if I remember well you can claim a BeaconInfo object. Check the settings field, it’s an BeaconInfoSettings in what you have the batteryLevel field.

Does it help you?

Hi @Ximun ,

I am not using Android or iOS SDK.
I used Cloud API from this page.

But still thanks for your reply.

OK sorry ^^
The battery_percentage field have to be an object, according to the documentation. Why have you an Integer?!

According to the document in this page.
The battery_percentage field seems like an integer value in status_report object.

Oh, I watched the “Get details on one Device” one and not the “Get details of all devices”.
I can read:
Field: battery_percentage Type: Object Description: Percentage of battery left.

It’s the same thing.
The battery_percentage field is an object in the document.
But it’s an integer value in the sample both “Get details on one Device” and “Get details of all devices”.
And so does the json I got. But some of my beacon have a correct battery_percentage value like this.

“status_report”: {
“battery_percentage”: 71,
“battery_voltage”: 6084,
“estimated_battery_lifetime”: 417,

And the estimated_battery_lifetime field has a value in days.
So my problem is how should I explain this value.

If I understand well, some of your beacons are correctly managed, but requesting others settings gives you errors like percentage up to 100?

Yes, you got it.
So I need to know what the value mean, then I can handle it.

Did you check if, for example, the wrong battery_percentage field (“5460”) was related to the real value (maybe 54,60% or 54% or 60% or other weird relation)?

Yes, but I can find any relation to the real value.
I can get battery_percentage value with Android SDK by TelemetryListener, and I got a value of about 85%. I think this value is almost the real value.
By the way, the 71 is the real value too. That beacon use a higher power setting to broadcast signal.