Develop a BLE Gateway?

Has anyone developed a BLE gateway for getting the beacon data to the web versus using a phone? What did you use for the gateway hardware and software? What was the hardest part? Interested in learning from your experience!

Update: We’re building software to do this out-of-the box with your hardware of choice

A few personal recommendations, ranked subjectively from easiest to harder:

  • Estimote LTE Beacon, programmable in JavaScript, Internet connectivity via LTE-M, built-in battery (just note that continuous Bluetooth scanning depletes the battery quickly), rechargable via USB-C (note: LTE Beacon doesn’t support connecting directly to your own servers, all communication goes through Estimote Cloud)

  • Rasp Pi, there are quite some Bluetooth scanning libraries available (e.g., “noble” for Node.js, “PyBluez” for Python, etc.), Internet connectivity via WiFi or Ethernet, could power it from a battery pack (power bank), but it’s not really optimized for battery power

  • some Arduino board with Bluetooth (built-in, or more commonly via an addon/shield) and Internet connectivity (there are boards with Ethernet, WiFi, 3G, LTE, LTE-M, etc.), programmable in C/Arduino IDE, many boards support LiPo batteries

    probably requires some minimal knowledge/experience of the world of microcontrollers … or at least some willingness and time to learn, there’s a ton of great learning resources out there (:

Special note about maybe using a cheap Android device as a gateway, but you’ve probably already thought about that since you mentioned you’re looking for alternatives to a phone.

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This is a great list and thank you for the response. I did grab a few LTE Beacons, so I will try this out. We actually started with the RPI approach with an application we were building using estimote beacons, which were a perfect fit.

From that experience, and what we built, we’re now putting together an out-of-the-box solution (because we couldn’t find anything). Here is the website for early BETA:

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