Turn off beacon?

In a few cases where I need turn off the beacon. But I do not know how to turn off it. Please help me.


can you elaborate more why you need to turn of beacons?

If you want to turn-off radio, e.g. for testing enter/exit region you might try to enable “Flip to Sleep” mode: http://blog.estimote.com/post/116470115565/beacon-configuration-headache-no-more-enter-flip
When this mode is enabled you can simply put beacon upside down and it won’t advertise any packets.

Another solution would be to change Tx power to minimum (short range) and advertising interval to the lowest (every 2s). It won’t shut of radio, but will have less impact of radio propagation.

Brute force solution would be simply to open the beacon and remove the battery. You can always put it back. Don’t worry if you damage enclosure - we can send you new one.

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I use proximity to determine the user is standing near any beacon. The first I wanted to turn off the beacon away, after i will turn on to test each beacon. Thank for help. It worked!