Trigger when a nearable goes out of range of another nearable

Is it possible to create a trigger when a nearable goes out of range of another nearable, rather than a user’s device? If so, how would I do this?

For example, say one sticker is on the desk and another sticker is on a stapler, I want the user to be notified when the stapler is moved away from the desk.

That would require stickers to be able to listen for other stickers, and relay that information to your phone. Mesh networking, basically.

The problem with mesh networking is, listening for Bluetooth is much more energy intensive than advertising. Listening continuously would kill your sticker’s battery in a few days.

In other words: this is technically possible, but requires the battery/Bluetooth technology to advance a little further. (Batteries to last longer, BLE to be even more energy efficient.)

That’s good to know, thank you.