Totally Reset Beacons?

Is there any way to do a sort of factory reset of beacons? Some of my beacons have an issue where their major value for iBeacon that is returned by the rangingListener is not the same as the value that is listed in the app. I know which beacons I am looking at, because I can distinguish them by their minor values.

Additionally, I have had an issue where changing a setting for one of these same beacons results in that setting changing for all of the beacons. I have tried this with the Android and iOS apps and in estimote cloud. It is not all of my beacons, but these 3 seem very messed up and I can’t think of a way to fix them beyond resetting them to their default state.

Unfortunatelly there is no “factory reset” mode or button.

What could happen with your beacons is a desync between their settings and the cloud backup.
If you changed UUIDs and/or majors/minors with our app or SDK the updates were saved in the cloud.
Maybe something went wrong and both places have different settings.

Please go to Cloud and then try to apply the same settings connecting to your beacons via SDK.
There were also third-party apps that used our SDK to change settings, e.g.

If nothing works please contact our Support team sending them a note at “context at”,
so they can fix it on the cloud level.