Hi, I have an iOS app that is working ok, but whenever I turn off / hide a beacon it will take about 30-40 seconds to trigger a didExitRegion "event". Meanwhile, it will try to search for beacons but no beacons will be available.

Is there something I can do about that? is it part of iOS spec or something that can be configured?

Maybe some kind of buffer?


Hi Nicolas,

30 s delay is a part of iOS spec. I'm afraid nothing can be done about it.

It has a threshold. You can examine the link below.


"Testing an iOS App’s Region Monitoring Support

When testing your region monitoring code in iOS Simulator or on a device, realize that region events may not happen immediately after a region boundary is crossed. To prevent spurious notifications, iOS doesn’t deliver region notifications until certain threshold conditions are met. Specifically, the user’s location must cross the region boundary, move away from the boundary by a minimum distance, and remain at that minimum distance for at least 20 seconds before the notifications are reported.

The specific threshold distances are determined by the hardware and the location technologies that are currently available. For example, if Wi-Fi is disabled, region monitoring is significantly less accurate. However, for testing purposes, you can assume that the minimum distance is approximately 200 meters."