Estimote/beacons SDK for developing hybrid apps

I am developing hybrid application for Android and Ios by using Intel Xdk framework. Is there any sdk for hybrid application development with estimote beacons.And if there is any alternate option (OR) possibility to identify mobile number with beacons

There’s PhoneGap/Cordova:

And Xamarin:

Does Estimote support these SDKs? Looks like the Phonegap/Cordova plugin doesn’t provide much functionality that you can’t already get from a generic iBeacon plugin:
For example, I’d like to get battery and temperature data from within Cordova; I haven’t seen anything that does that.

I read that the Android/iOS SDKs collect battery level data periodically and send it to the cloud. If I use the Phonegap plugin, will this data also be sent to the cloud? (I would expect so if it’s a straight wrapper around the native SDKs.)

These are 3rd party SDKs—we don’t maintain them ourselves, so we can’t fix bugs, or add new features to them—but we’re still happy to provide community support.

The discovery (ranging, monitoring) features are the same, yes, but the Evothing plugin wraps our SDKs in it (the other plugin doesn’t), so it also provides Estimote-specific features, like being able to connect to the beacon and change its settings, or, yes, check its battery life.

Our iOS and Android SDKs will automatically collect battery data when you connect to a beacon, and upload this info to Estimote Cloud. Our beacons don’t advertise the battery level in their packet though (yet :wink:), so it’s not enough to just be in range of the beacon, you actually also need to connect to it.

We estimate the remaining battery life in Estimote Cloud though—we know the last-known battery level, when it was submitted, and settings of the beacon, so we have all that’s needed (given that beacons usually discharge at a steady rate, correlated to the Tx power and advertising interval) to predict what’s its current status. You can fetch this info from our Cloud API:

I do not see anything related to battery level for beacons, only nearables. Am I missing something?

And does that imply that using the Phonegap plugin will also collect this data and upload it to the cloud?

Hah, yea, you’re right, it looks like they didn’t write wrappers for connecting to the beacon and reading its settings.

Also, it looks like the SDKs they’ve included in the plugin are quite dated. We changed the beacon authorization procedure in firmware 3.2.0, to make it more secure, and these old SDKs don’t support it, so you wouldn’t be able to connect to 3.2.0 beacons anyway :disappointed: