*The resource is not available for the current subscription plan

Hello - I just purchased 6 indoor location beacons and registered them to my account. When I attempt to use the Estimote Indoor Position app, I get the above error. When I attempt to view subscription options, I just get a “contact us” page. It was unclear when purchasing these that a subscription was required to run the example app, and i’m not sure how purchase the subscription regardless.

Thanks for the help.

Do you happen to have more than 20 beacons/devices in total on your Estimote Account? If you’re still prototyping/experimenting, you can safely move the 6 Location Beacons to a new Estimote Account, bringing you back to the Prototyping Subscription.

Hi Piotr- This was exactly the problem: I had a few sets of beacons still on my account that were no longer in use.